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Norwegian Bokmål

Etymology 1

A variant of Old Norse skjór



  1. A (European) Magpie (Pica pica)

Etymology 2

From Old Norse skera, believed to ultimately stem from Proto-Germanic sker and Proto-Indo-European (s)ker ("to cut, to hack"). Cognate with Danish skære, Swedish skära, Faroese and Icelandic skera, Old English scieran, English shear, and Dutch and German scheren.


  1. To cut with a knife or a similar tool, to slice
    Skjære opp brødskiver = to cut a slice from a loaf of bread
  2. To cut with a sharp-edged instrument
    Hun skar seg i fingeren = She cut her finger
  3. To gnash
    Han skar tenner av sinne = He gnashed his teeth in fury
  4. To penetrate, carve, cut through
    Båten skar seg fram i bølgene = The boat pushed ("carved") it's way through the waves
  5. To intersect
    De to linjene skjærer hverandre = The two lines are crossing each other
  6. To pierce
    Det skar et skrik gjennom stillheten = A scream pierced the silence
    Han ga fra seg et skjærende(present participle) skrik - He emitted a piercing scream
  7. To swerve, sheer
    Bilen skar ut av veien = The car swerved off the road
  8. As a reflexive verb: Fail to work, fall apart
    Motoren skar seg = The engine stopped

Derived terms

ku:skjære lt:skjære nl:skjære no:skjære pl:skjære ro:skjære vi:skjære

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