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Sight (plural Sights)
  1. the ability to see
  2. something seen
    • 2005, Lesley Brown (translator), Plato (author), Sophist, 236d:
    • He's a really remarkable man and it's very hard to get him in one's sights; []
  3. something worth seeing
  4. a device used in aiming a projectile, through which the person aiming looks at the intended target
  5. (now colloquial) a great deal, a lot; frequently used to intensify a comparative
    This is a darn sight better than what I'm used to at home!


Derived terms


Sight (third-person singular simple present Sights, present participle Sighting, simple past and past participle Sighted)

  1. (transitive) to visually register
  2. (transitive) to get sight of (something)
  3. (transitive) to take aim at


Derived terms

Adjectives for Sight

inward; melting; wondrous; novel; weird; startling; wide; stirring; goodly; uncommon; piteous; enraptured; stimulating; irresistible; aching; holiest; impressive; dilated; refreshing; dismal; touching; remarkable; doleful; spiritual; richer; purer; fairer; heterogeneous; dubious; ravishing; amusing; cheery; instructive; wretched; portentous; clouded; exhilarating; imposing; horrifying; unusual; curtained; solemn; gorgeous; triumphant; precious; fearful; loveliest; continuous; infant; grand; thrilling; unaided; disturbing; curious; quickened; wished; ludicrous; marvelous; appalling; translatable; ghastliest; gallant; truest; bleared; distressing; horrible; swimming; majestic; fine; exceptional; welcome; powerful; sickening; glorious; purblind; joyful; inspiring; all-searching; steadfast; unacquainted; approved; gladdened; straining; extraordinary; splendid; worthless; loathsome; lucent; unveiled; absolute; deadening; glistening; bewildered; unaided; mortal; awful; sorry; genial; saltatory; nocturnal; priceless; secret; whimsical; prettiest; feebler; perfect.

Verbs for Sight

abhor—; blur—; check—; cloud—; confuse —; conjure—; control—; dim—; distort—; distract—; dull—; focus—; impair—; intensify—; loathe—; lose—; obscure—; obstruct—; recover—; regain—; rely upon—; restore—; sharpen—; shun—; sink from—; stimulate—; tuck out of—; veil—; visualize —; —dazzles; —dissipates; —declines; — enriches ; —fails; —invigorates; —outrages; —pollutes; —weakens.


Anschauung, aim, aim at, airscape, amazement, angle, angle of vision, assumption, astonishing thing, astonishment, atrocity, attitude, awe-inspiring, baboon, bag, barrel, basis, batch, behold, bend, blemish, blot, bombsight, brilliant, catch sight of, chromesthesia, cityscape, clap eyes on, clear sight, climate of opinion, cloudscape, color hearing, color vision, command, common belief, community sentiment, conceit, concept, conception, conclusion, cone vision, consensus gentium, considerable, consideration, cool, cosmorama, curiosity, cyclorama, day vision, daylight vision, deal, dekko, descry, determine, diorama, direct, directionize, disaster, discern, discernment, discover, display, distant, distinguish, dog, domination, espy, estimate, estimation, ethos, exception, exhibit, exhibition, exposition, extraordinary, eye, eye-mindedness, eyeful, eyereach, eyes, eyeshot, eyesight, eyesore, farsight, farsightedness, feeling, field of view, field of vision, finder, five senses, fix, fix on, footing, frame of reference, framework, fright, gargoyle, gaze, gazingstock, general belief, georama, glance at, glimpse, glom, gobs, good deal, great deal, hag, harridan, have in sight, heap, heaps, hearing, hold on, horizon, idea, identify, imaginative, imperceptible, impression, incredible, invisible, jolting, judgment, keen sight, ken, landscape, lashings, lay eyes on, leaf sight, leer, leering look, level at, light, light show, lights, limit of vision, line of sight, loads, look, look on, look upon, look-in, lookout, lot, lots, lump, lustful leer, make out, mark, marvel, marvelment, mass, mental outlook, mess, mind, mint, miracle, monster, monstrosity, moving, much, myriorama, mystique, naked eye, neat, night vision, no beauty, nonesuch, note, notice, notion, observation, observe, oodles, open sight, opinion, out of sight, outlook, outlook over, outrageous, pack, pageant, pageantry, panorama, panoramic sight, parade, peck, peek, peep, peep sight, peer, perceive, perception, peripheral field, peripheral vision, personal judgment, perspective, perspicacity, perspicuity, phantasmagoria, phenomenon, phonism, photism, photopia, pick out, pile, piles, pipe, place, point, point at, point of view, point to, pomp, popular belief, position, posture, pot, power, power of sight, present, presentation, presumption, prevailing belief, preview, prodigy, prospect, psychedelic show, public belief, public opinion, purview, quick sight, quite a little, quite a thing, raft, rafts, range, rare, rarity, reaction, receptor, recognize, reference system, regard, remark, remote, representation, respect, riverscape, rod vision, scads, scan, scape, scarecrow, scene, scenery, scenic view, scope, scope of vision, scotopia, seascape, see, seeing, sensation, sense of sight, sense organ, senses, sensillum, sensorium, sensory organ, sentiment, set, shifting scene, shocking, show, side, sidelong look, sight on, sightedness, sighthole, sightliness, situation, sixth sense, skyscape, slant, slew, slews, sly look, smell, something else, spate, spectacle, spot, spy, stack, stacks, stage show, stance, stand, standpoint, stunner, survey, sweep, synesthesia, system, tableau, tableau vivant, take aim, take in, taste, teratism, theory, thinking, thought, tidy sum, touch, townscape, train, train upon, turn, turn upon, twig, twilight vision, ugly duckling, universe, unobstructed vision, unreal, unseeable, unusual, view, viewfinder, viewpoint, vision, vista, visual acuity, visual field, visual sense, wad, wads, waterscape, way of thinking, whole slew, witch, witness, wonder, wonderful thing, wonderment


Old English sihþ (something seen)





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