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Lunch (plural Lunches)
  1. A light meal usually eaten around midday, notably when not as main meal of the day.
  2. (cricket) A break in play between the first and second sessions.
  3. (Minnesota, US) Any small meal, especially one eaten at a social gathering.


Lunch (third-person singular simple present lunches, present participle lunching, simple past and past participle lunched)

  1. To eat lunch.

Adjectives for Lunch

well-balanced; belated; frugal; costly; convivial; substantial; suitable; abundant; half-wrapped; cold.

Adverbs for Lunch

frugally; convivially; substantially; abundantly; swiftly; fraternally; hospitably; gaity; appetizingly; insatiably.


supper, tea, tea break, teatime, barbecue, board, break bread with, breakfast, brunch, buffet supper, clambake, coffee break, cook out, cookout, dine, dine out, diner, dinner, eat out, elevenses, fish fry, high tea, hot luncheon, luncheon, mash, meat breakfast, mess with, picnic, sup,