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Fish (collectively (UK) fish or (US) and when referring to two or more kinds fishes or informally fishies)
  1. (countable) A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water, moving with the help of fins and breathing with gills.
  2. (uncountable) The flesh of the fish used as food.
  3. (countable) A period of time spent fishing.
  4. (uncountable) A card game in which the object is to obtain pairs of cards.
  5. (uncountable, derogatory, slang) A woman.
  6. (slang) An easy victim for swindling.
  7. (nautical) A makeshift overlapping longitudinal brace used to temporarily repair or extend a spar or mast of a ship.
  8. (nautical) Torpedo
  9. (slang) A bad poker player.


Fish (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to fish; piscine; ichthyic.


Fish (third-person singular simple present fishes, present participle fishing, simple past and past participle fished)

  1. (intransitive) To try to catch fish, whether successfully or not.
  2. (transitive) To try to find something other than fish in (a body of water).
  3. (intransitive) To attempt to find or get hold of an object by searching among other objects.
  4. (intransitive, followed by "around") To attempt to obtain information by talking to people.
  5. (intransitive, cricket) Of a batsman, to attempt to hit a ball outside off stump and miss it.
  6. (transitive, figuratively, followed by "for") To attempt to gain.
  7. (nautical) To repair a spar or mast using a brace often called a fish (see NOUN above).

Adjectives for Fish

golden; artificially-grown; live; game broiled; diminutive; silly; slim; silvery tawny; iridescent; sodden; much-comforted playful; meddlesome; mystical; speckled bony; cartilaginous; salmonoid; shining; putrid; floating; edible; brain-giving; fin-twinkling; fiery; armored; magnificent; surface; fatted; voracious; darting; glistening.

Verbs for Fish

abound in—; catch—; cure—; drag for—; feed—; harbor—; limit—; plant—; prepare —; raise—; shred—; steam—; yield—; — darts off; —deposits eggs; —flashes past; — flops about; —hovers near; —inhabits; — schools; —spawns; —squirms; —swoops past.

Adverbs for Fish

intently; contentedly; placidly; somnolently; abstractedly; ruminatively; enthusiastically; skillfully; professionally; devotedly.

Synonyms for Fish


catfish, caviar, cent, century, cetacean, channel bass, char, chimaera, chub, chump, cichlid, cinch, cisco, clam, cobia, cod, codfish, coelacanth, conger, conger eel, copper, crappie, credulous person, croaker, cull, cutlass fish, cutthroat trout, dace, dap, darter, devilfish, dib, dibble, dime, doctor fish, dogfish, dollar, dollar bill, dolphin, dorado, dragon fish, drive, drum, drumfish, dupe, easy mark, easy pickings, eel, eelpout, electric ray, fall guy, fifty cents, filefish, fin, fingerling, fish, fish eggs, five cents, five hundred dollars, five-dollar bill, five-hundred-dollar bill, five-spot, fiver, flame tetra, flounder, fluke, fly-fish, fool, four bits, frogskin, fry, game fish, gar, gig, globefish, go fishing, goatfish, gobe-mouches, goby, goldfish, grand, greener, greenhorn, greeny, grig, grilse, grouper, grunt, guddle, gudgeon, gull, gunnel, haddock, hake, half G, half a C, half dollar, half grand, halibut, herring, hippocampus, hogfish, homing torpedo, horse mackerel, hundred-dollar bill, innocent, iron man, jack, jacklight, jewfish, jig, kingfish, kipper, kippered salmon, lake trout, lamprey, lantern fish, leadpipe cinch, ling, loach, lung fish, mackerel, mako shark, man-eater, man-eating shark, manta, marine animal, marlin, menhaden, mill, minnow, minny, monkey, moray eel, mudfish, muskellunge, nekton, net, nickel, oquassa, paddlefish, panfish, papagallo, patsy, penny, perch, permit, pickerel, pigeon, pike, pike perch, pilchard, pilot fish, piranha, plaice, plankton, plaything, poisson, pollack, pompano, porbeagle, porgy, porpoise, prize sap, puffer, pushover, quarter, rainbow trout, ray, red cent, red herring, redfin, redfish, roach, rocket torpedo, roe, roosterfish, salmon, salmon trout, sap, saphead, sardine, sawbuck, sawfish, schlemiel, scup, sea bass, sea horse, sea monster, sea pig, sea serpent, sea snake, seafood, seine, sergeant fish, shark, shiner, shrimp, silver dollar, sitting duck, skate, skin, smacker, smelt, smoked herring, smolt, snapper, snook, sole, spar torpedo, speckled trout, spin, sponge, sprat, steelhead, stickleback, still-fish, stooge, striped bass, sturgeon, submarine torpedo, sucker, sunfish, swordfish, tarpon, ten cents, ten-spot, tenner, thornback ray, thousand dollars, thousand-dollar bill, thresher, toadfish, tope, torch, torpedo fish, toy, trawl, triggerfish, troll, tropical fish, trout, trusting soul, tuna, tunny, turbot, twenty-dollar bill, twenty-five cents, two bits, two-dollar bill, two-spot, veiltail, victim, wahoo, walleye, walleyed pike, weakfish, whale, whitefish, whiting, yard, yellowtail, C, C-note, Chinook salmon, Loch Ness monster, Sunapee trout, aerial torpedo, albacore, alevin, alewife, alligator gar, amber jack, anchovy, angel fish, angle, anguille, archerfish, argusfish, babe, bait the hook, bangalore torpedo, barbel, barn door skate, barracuda, basking shark, bass, benthon, benthos, bill, black bass, black sea bass, blackfish, bleak, blind fish, blue fish, blue shark, bluegill, bob, bone, bonito, boob, bowfin, bream, brook trout, brown trout, buck, buffalo fish, bullhead, burbot, butt, butterfish, candlefish, capelin, carp, cartwheel.

Derived terms

Derived terms



  1. From Old English fisc, from Proto-Germanic *fiskaz (compare West Frisian/Swedish fisk, Dutch vis, German Fisch), from Proto-Indo-European *pik̑sk̑os (compare Irish iasc, Latin piscis, Russian пискарь (piskárĭ) 'groundling', Sanskrti picchā 'calf (leg)', picchila, picchala 'slimy, slippery').
  2. From Old English fiscian, from Proto-Germanic *fiskōnan.