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Achievement (plural Achievements)
  1. The act of achieving or performing; an obtaining by exertion; successful performance; accomplishment; as, the achievement of his/her object.
  2. A great or heroic deed; something accomplished by valor, boldness, or praiseworthy exertion; a feat.
  3. (heraldry) An escutcheon or ensign armorial; now generally applied to the funeral shield commonly called hatchment. - Cussans
  4. (video games) An award for completing a particular task or meeting an objective.

Adjectives for Achievement

above par; ample; artistic; astonishing; authentic; big; civic; colossal; considerable; consistent; conspicuous; constructive; courageous; creative; creditable; crowning; culminating; cyclopean; difficult; enormous; epoch-making; excessive; extraordinary; extreme; fabulous; fair; fantastic; glaring; glorious; great; greater; happy; Herculean; heroic; Homeric; honorable; huge; human; illustrious; immense; immortal; important; impressive; incredible; indescribable; ineffable; inexpressible; inordinate; irreproachable; laborious; large; lasting; laureate; magnificent; major; memorable; meritorious; metaphysical; mighty; momentous; monumental; noble; noteworthy; phenomenal; picturesque; poetic; practical; praise-worthy; precocious; prodigious; profound; rank; rare; remarkable; roaring; routine; scientific; serious; signal; significant; solid; spectacular; spiritual; stark; stirring; stupendous; sublime; subtle; superhuman; supreme; technological; tireless; towering; unabated; unapproachable; undiminished; unfading; unique; universal; unparalleled; unreduced; unrestricted; unspeakable; unsurpassed; unutterable; valorous; vast; worth while;

Verbs for Achievement

belittle -; conceive -; denote -; disparage -; enhance -; facilitate -; hedge about -; laud -; meditate on -; mock at -; plan -; praise -; proclaim -; question -; reaffirm -; rejoice in -; strive toward -; - contributes to; - distinguishes; - goes unrecognized; - mocks.

Synonyms for Achievement

attainment, feat, exploit, deed, accomplishment, performance, act, action, fulfillment, completion, execution.

Antonyms for Achievement

loss, neglect, cessation, failure, negligence, injury, misfortune, defeat, forfeiture, waste.


accomplishment; acquirement; acquisition; act; acta; action; administration; advent; adventure; alerion; animal charge; annulet; appearance; approach; argent; aristeia; armorial bearings; armory; arms; arrival; attainment; azure; bandeau; bar; bar sinister; baton; bearings; bend; bend sinister; billet; blazon; blazonry; blow; bold stroke; bordure; bringing to fruition; broad arrow; cadency mark; canton; carrying out; chaplet; charge; chevron; chief; coat of arms; cockatrice; coming; commission; completion; conduct; consummation; coronet; coup; crescent; crest; cross; cross moline; crown; dealings; deed; device; difference; differencing; discharge; dispatch; doing; doings; eagle; effectuation; effort; enactment; endeavor; enterprise; ermine; ermines; erminites; erminois; escutcheon; execution; exploit; fait accompli; falcon; feat; fess; fess point; field; file; finish; flanch; fleur-de-lis; fret; fruition; fulfillment; fur; fusil; garland; gest; go; griffin; gules; gyron; hand; handiwork; handling; hatchment; helmet; heraldic device; heroic act; honor point; impalement; impaling; implementation; inescutcheon; job; label; lion; lozenge; management; maneuver; mantling; marshaling; martlet; mascle; measure; metal; mission accomplished; motto; move; mullet; nombril point; octofoil; operation; or; ordinary; orle; overproduction; overt act; pale; paly; passage; pean; performance; perpetration; pheon; proceeding; production; productiveness; purpure; quarter; quartering; reaching; realization; res gestae; rose; sable; saltire; scutcheon; shield; spread eagle; step; stroke; stunt; subordinary; success; tenne; thing; thing done; tincture; torse; tour de force; transaction; tressure; turn; undertaking; unicorn; vair; vert; victory; work; works; wreath; yale, accomplished fact;