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Marriage (plural Marriages)
  1. The state of being married.
  2. The union of two people, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.
  3. A wedding.
  4. A close union.
  5. A joining of two parts.
  6. (poker slang) A king and a queen as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em.

Adjectives for Marriage

happy; unhappy; loveless; convenient; crude; dubious; ungentle; placid; conjectural; unworthy; bogged; subsequent; ill-starred; spiteful; wondrous; fat; ceremonious; intelligent; dubious; possible; ideal; continual; intended; somber; imprudent; hasty; impending; private; ensuing; repented; plural; honorable; brilliant; acceptable; sudden; monstrous; morganatic; uncertain; consanguineous; impecunious; derogatory; ill-marched; idiotic; imprudent; impetuous; necessary; mercenary; reckless; indissoluble; heterodox; cradle; wealthy; international; immediate; advantageous; previous; impromptu;

Verbs for Marriage

absolve—; annul—; attend—; bless—; cement—; consummate—; contract—; dissolve—; ensure—; give in—; indicate—; precipitate—; romanticize—; sanctify—; sanction—; terminate—; undermine—; —materializes; —sanctifies; —unites; plunge into—.


conjugation, conjunction, connection, consolidation, conspiracy, convergence, copulation, coupling, ecumenism, elopement, embodiment, encompassment, enosis, epithalamium, espousals, espousement, federalization, federation, flesh, fleshliness, forced marriage, frigidity, fusion, gathering, honeymoon, hookup, hymen, hymeneal, hymeneal rites, impotence, inclusion, incorporation, integration, intercommunication, intercourse, interlinking, joinder, joining, jointure, junction, junta, knotting, league, liaison, libido, linkage, linking, love, lovemaking, match, matrimony, meeting, meld, melding, merger, merging, nuptial apartment, nuptial mass, nuptial song, nuptials, package, package deal, pairing, potency, prothalamium, saffron veil, sensuality, sex drive, sexiness, sexual instinct, sexual urge, sexualism, sexuality, shotgun wedding, solidification, splice, spousal, spousals, symbiosis, syncretism, syndication, syneresis, synthesis, tie, tie-in, tie-up, unification, union, voluptuousness, wedding, wedding canopy, wedding song, wedding veil, wedlock, yoking, Anschluss, Gretna Green wedding, addition, affiliation, agglomeration, agglutination, aggregation, agreement, alliance, amalgamation, articulation, assimilation, association, banns, blend, blending, bond, bracketing, bridal, bridal suite, bridechamber, cabal, carnality, cartel, centralization, chuppah, church wedding, civil ceremony, civil wedding, clustering, coalescence, coalition, coldness, combination, combine, combo, communication, composition, concatenation, concourse, concurrence, confederacy, confederation, confluence, congeries, conglomeration.


From Old French mariage, from marier (to marry), from Latin maritare (to marry", literally “give in marriage), from maritus (lover", "nuptial), from mas (male", "masculine", "of the male sex)




Related terms

arranged marriage; bilocal marriage; Boston marriage; celestial marriage; civil marriage; common-law marriage; companionate marriage; dissolution of marriage; frank-marriage; gay marriage; group marriage; levirate marriage; marriageable; marriage bed; marriage broker; marriage counseling; marriage counsellor; marriage finger; marriage guidance; marriage lite; marriage money; marriage of convenience; marriage penalty; marriage portion; marriage settlement; mixed marriage; morganatic marriage; open marriage; plural marriage; putative marriage; republican marriage; royal marriage; same-sex marriage; shotgun marriage; sororate marriage ; white marriage; work marriage.

See also

wedding; divorce; matrimony; monogamy; bigamy; polygamy; polygyny; polyandry; adelphogamy